Holistic Therapy


What is Reiki healing?

Reiki evolved from Japan and was devised by Dr Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. The tradition has a beautiful lineage and is passed on from master to student. It is a healing system that is a safe, natural and holistic way of treating many acute and chronic conditions and bringing about spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Reiki may be effective with physical, emotional and behavioral problems, helping to bring relief from the effects of pain from the past and suffering. Reiki is suitable for everyone including the young and the elderly. It is also a great tonic if you are in good health as it will help you to reconnect with you inner soul. We believe in healing the body holistically rather than just healing the symptom. Reiki involves placing (laying on of) hands and directing energy to any area of the body or energy center that needs clearing or support. Life Force Energy is conscious and will naturally flow towards where it is most needed supporting the body’s natural capacity for selfhealing and balance.

What happens during treatment?

Our Reiki healers are master practioners that channel universal energy through their hands to the client, facilitating deep relaxation and promoting recovery from shock and trauma however longstanding. For the treatment the client lies on their back, fully clothed. The practitioner gently places their hands on the client’s body (such as the head, torso, legs and arms), focusing on the energy centers or using their intuition to sense where healing is most needed. Each hand position is held for a few minutes while energy called “chi” is channelled through the practitioner into the recipient. There is little or no pressure making it ideal for clients of any age, including pregnant women and those recovering from surgery. The client may feel tingling, heat, coolness or other sensations and feel very relaxed.

Soothing your mind

Relaxing your body

Cleansing your soul

Changing your life...

How does it work?

Reiki in Cornwall recharges the client’s aura (energy field) and boosts energy levels, allowing the body to function more efficiently. It opens the body’s energy channels to accelerate physical, mental and emotional healing.​


60min Reiki healing session including consultation - £30.00 (Crystal healing upon request)

Free distance healing - Details upon request.

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